Advanced FidoNet-technology compatible mailer and message reader/editor
Designed by Arjen G. Lentz (Lentz Software Development)
* DOS and OS/2 versions
xeninfo.zip     General info, upto-date registration forms,
                beta application, bug report form, changes log
xm198dos.zip    Xenia Mailer/Edit 1.98 DOS  (Evaluation version)
xm198os2.zip    Xenia Mailer/Edit 1.98 OS/2 (Evaluation version)
xm19804d.zip    Update/beta 1.98.04+ DOS  (registered users only)
xm19804p.zip    Update/beta 1.98.04+ OS/2 (registered users only)
exe05dos.zip    Beta executables 1.98.05+ DOS  (registered users only)
exe05os2.zip    Beta executables 1.98.05+ OS/2 (registered users only)
nlidx107.src    Full specs/sources/samples of Xenia's nodelist indexing

NOTE: The full Xenia sources have been released under GPL:
Xenia at SourceForge


Bidirectional File Transfer Protocol
Designed by Arjen G. Lentz and Joaquim H. Homrighausen
HydraCom by Arjen G. Lentz (Lentz Software Development)
* Bidirectional file transfer protocol with chat facility
* Full specifications and sources available
* HydraCom can be called from almost any BBS and terminal software
* BBS, terminal and FidoNet Mailer authors: build Hydra INTO your software!
* Cost? Saying thanks is allowed!
hcom_108.zip    HydraCom 1.08 MS-DOS EXE, setup util, docs
hydra001.zip    HYDRA protocol specs, rev 001 (01 Dec 1992)
hsrc_100.zip    HydraCom 1.00 C sources, docs
hydrakit.zip    The above three archives together
hc2_109b.zip    HydraCom 1.09b beta for OS/2

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