Pooh's Magazine editie 3/96
1 april 1996


een recensie door Menno Peeters

Waardering: 2.0 (max. 10.0)

Jaar : 1995
Speelduur : 92 min.
Regie : Ian Corson
Produktie : Robert Vince, William Vince
Script : George Saunders
Muziek : Graeme Coleman
Beelden : Michael Slovis
Cast : Molly Ringwald, John Vernon, Patrick McGaw, Mimi Kuzyk, Sarrah Lassez

- "Hello?"

"Yeah, ehm, hi! Is this Molly Ringwald?"

- "I'm her demented mother. Would you like me to call my little Mollycious?"

"If you'd be so kind, yes, thank you."


- "Hello?"

"Ehm, hi! Is this Molly Ringwald?"

- "Speaking."

"Hello Molly, this is Menno Peeters speaking. You know, the Dutch reviewer. I know you're always very busy making fantastic movies, so I'll keep things short."

- "Please."

"Ever since I was a kid I was a huge fan of your hit movie THE BREAKFAST CLUB, so I always look forward to seeing you in other pictures. Just yesterday I rented your latest, MALICIOUS, at a local videostore. I must say I'm pretty impressed."


"Feel free to speak anytime you want.."


"Well, as I was saying, I was very, very impressed. Especially the charachter developments, they were truly amazing. Take for instance Doug, played by Patrick McGaw. He's really into baseball, chicks and stuff. A great example for modern teenagers, I tell you. Can you tell me a bit about your view upon the story involved?"


- "If you insist. I'm Melissa, a vixen from outer space. And I'll eat you if you don't tell your girlfriend to fuck off."

"I know, I've seen the film. Doug has an extremely intense relationship with Laura, some sort of a girl-next-door, played by Sarrah Lassez. Only she doesn't want to have sex in a public library. Our hero is very disappointed, so when Melissa shows up and tries to seduce him, he immediately gives in and makes out with her in a car. Afterwards Doug feels very guilty and tries to keep away from her. Melissa's pissed off, her mean side shows up and she starts killing people. Makes perfectly good sense, doesn't it?"

- "Absolutely. And after all, I got to show my boobies."

"That's another great thing. All these years without having to take your kit off, that certainly says something about the poor quality of your former movies. The nudity in MALICIOUS is pure art, don't you agree?"

- "Of course, 'cos I'm a sex vixen from outer space."

"What do you think of all those teenage stars showing up in movies like MALICIOUS? For example, Alyssa Milano in CONFLICT OF INTEREST and EMBRACE OF THE VAMPIRE. Or how about Mädchen Amick in LOVE CHEAT AND STEAL, together with another fine actor, Eric Roberts.


- "What was the question again?"

"What do you think of all those teenage stars showing up in movies like MALICIOUS and EMBRACE OF THE VAMPIRE? I've seen both, by the way."

- "Well, I think it's a great career move to start playing in erotic thrillers, taking your shirt off every now and then. It increases your market value."

"Hou about morality?"

- "What about it?"

(...) (sigh)

"Oops, sorry, I have to go. Some users are trying to get into my BBS and they can't as I'm running WordPerfect right now. Thank you very much for this enlightening interview, I'm looking forward to seeing your next blockbuster. Mazzel van Menni!"

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©opyright Menno Peeters (mpeeters@pvda.nl), 19-03-96

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